The ministry shall have a Head Office and Branches within the country and beyond. The Head Office and Branches shall be responsible for their own day-to-day operations, though the Head office shall oversee the Branches. Each branch shall have its Senior Pastor who shall take care of the spiritual well being of the faithful.

There shall be an Administration Council at the head office and in every branch comprising of department heads; volunteers from the congregation, to run and manage the administration of the branch and who shall hold office for a period of one year. The administrative council is mandated to support and nurture the congregation in the W.V.C.SS vision as a Christian faith community, and as such it conducts all business of W.V.C.SS on behalf of the congregation.

  • Develop required governance policies;
  • Provide guidance, guarantee accountability and provide support to the church departments to undertake their defined responsibilities.
  • Set the strategic direction of W.V.C.SS and monitor its performance;
  • Ensure the performance and sustainability of the Council itself; and
  • Ensure that W.V.C.SS has sufficient financial and human resources for day-to-day operations and implementation of projects.
  • The Administrative Council will also work as a Development Committee.

The ministry shall have an Overseer Pastor who shall be based at the Head Office. The spiritual affairs of the entire ministry shall be in the docket of the Overseer as well as the approval of the setting up of branches or establishment of institutions under the umbrella of the ministry.


The Overseer Pastor based at the Head office is the overall authority and will be consulted by the Administrative Council based at the Head Office on important administrative matters concerning the entire ministry after consulting those administrative councils at the branches as well. There shall be Senior Pastors appointed by the Overseer and who will be overlooking the spiritual matters in all branches.

There will be an Administrative Councils within the branches and which shall be vested with the administrative affairs and investment undertakings of the branches.

The Administrative Council at the Head office or the branches, shall have at least a Chairman, a Secretary and

 Treasurer. All projects under the umbrella of the ministry shall be under the control of the administrative council but once approved by the Overseer at the head office or Senior Pastor at the branches in consultation with the Overseer.

Church Structure Diagram