Why Us


We are a church that believes in Jesus, loves God and people.

WORLD VICTORY CENTRE  Rehoboth sanctuary - South Sudan, focuses on preaching the gospel of the great commission in great measure and leading the people of the nation to our Lord Jesus Christ. World Victory Centre, South Sudan is affiliated to World Victory Centre, International (Head Office-Nairobi). All Church operations in South Sudan are aligned with those of the head office. The ministry is registered with the Ministry of Religious Affairs- Office of the President, Republic of South Sudan.


God calls us to glorify him in all we do.


And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.


Through the use of art, music, physical activity, & other medium


Do you love anyone in your life in a way that cannot be explained


To win many souls to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through crusades and prayers of healing, deliverance, miracles and philanthropy based on Christian principals.


To let the world know, understand, feel the awesome power of Jesus Christ and prepare the church for Heavenly Reception.

Core Valves

  1. To ensure that all the faithful know and understand the salient values of Christianity through evangelism.
  2. To ensure that the daily functions of the ministry reflect the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. To ensure that the orphans, widows and the needy are well taken care of by provision of basic needs and spiritual nourishment.
  • Any person, male or female who is over the age of Eighteen years shall be eligible to become a member of W.V.C.SS and shall, subject to the approval of the committee, become a member after accepting Jesus Christ as his/her personal savior and after vetting and baptism by water.
  • Members shall be registered and membership cards given to them.
  • Every member of the Church shall pay tithes and offerings and any other special funds the society may need for its projects and expansions from time to time.
  • Members of the church ought to actively participate in church activities; at least consecutively for a year and

are free to participate in respective church departments/committees.

The objectives of W.V.C.SS, shall be as here under:-

  1. To establish and expand churches for the purposes of propagation of Christianity within the Republic of South Sudan and World Wide.
  2. To preach the Good News of Jesus Christ. (Mark 16:15-16).
  3. To Destroy all the works of satan. (Luke 10:19)
  4. To Deliver all those who are bound by the power of satan. (Mat. 10:7-8)
  5. To build a Bible School. (Mat.28:19-20)
  6. To help those who are in spiritual and material need.
  7. To officiate Marriage.
  8. We believe in one God EXISTING IN FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT. (1st Timothy 2:5, John 17:3)
  9. We believe in the filling of the Holy Spirit and its works. (Acts 2:1-4)
  10. We believe Salvation in Christ Jesus. (Acts 4:10-12)
  11. We believe in Baptism by immersion in water. (John 3:5-6, Mat. 28:19, Mat. 3: 13-16).
  12. We believe after marriage there is no divorce. If you leave your wife/husband, you will; never marry again until (she) (he) dies. (Mark 10:11-12, 1 Cor 10-11)
  13. We believe in the Five Fold Ministry. (Ephesians 4:11-12)
  14. We believe in the nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit. (1 Corn12:4-11)
  15. To start, run and manage Primary Schools, Secondary schools, Bible Schools, Kindergarten, Nursery Schools, Preparatory Schools, Sunday Schools, Colleges, Village Polytechnics, Universities and other institutions of learning affiliated to the society for the purpose of reducing and or eliminating illiteracy and training Christian Servants of God within the Republic of South Sudan and World Wide.
  16. To promote the welfare, morality, spirituality, mental, physical, economic and social development of both urban and rural communities all over the Republic of South Sudan and World Wide.
  17. The Society has NO political objectives whatsoever.
  18. The Society shall have church branches planted in various parts of the Republic of South Sudan whenever and at the times the funds to do so are available.
  19. The Society shall organize, launch, fund and support the Christian Crusades, Conferences, Conventions, Pastor’s Seminars, and Church Leader’s seminars within the Republic of South Sudan and World Wide.

The Society shall provide for relief food, clothing, shelter and other humanitarian assistance to the urban and rural communities within the Republic of South Sudan, in addition to the establishment of Hospitals & medical facilities when it will have funds to finance the said projects.

  • The church will focus on building the kingdom of God by spreading the gospel through missions/outreach and reaching out to the congregation through church services.
  • The church will use a two perspective approach to preaching the gospel ie; focus on reaching out to congregation and those outside the church in the entire nation. Both focus areas will be equipped and fully functioning for the glory of Jesus.
  • V.C.SS has a motive to build the kingdom of God and nurture believers to fully experience the resurrected power of Jesus Christ.
  • The church aims;
  1. Raising a generation of believers who embrace the great commission and operate in their spiritual giftings to cascade the gospel to the entire nation.
  2. Empower a church that communicates to God and enjoys the good-working relationship and fellowship in the presence of God.
  3. Nurture believers who walk with their God and boldly cling to their salvation.
  4. Network with other churches in the nation preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in evangelism and sharing the gospel.
  5. V.C.SS has a Selfless-Principle of operation; church members selflessly offer of themselves to preach the gospel and reach out to the less-fortunate and above all build the kingdom of God.
  • V.C.SS purposes to have Leadership programs; to equip and build the church members in discipleship programs, to nurture the church to take up leadership positions and in-turn nurture disciples: who will disciple others.
  • The church ought to raise funds for its activities. W.V.C.SS is a church that reaches out to both the physical and spiritual needs of the members.
  • Have a very active welfare/livelihood programs department to support church members and church activities at large.


  • A core foresight of the ministry is to establish the World Victory Church South-Sudan Chapter, in Juba and other states of the nation and spread the gospel to neighboring countries of South Sudan, namely; Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Uganda and Central African Republic

All members of the ministry and its branches shall maintain the discipline expected of a true disciple of Jesus Christ.